How to Join the Tapple Server

Tapple is a Minecraft server that currently features many unique games. We believe that maintaining an experimental environment can push boundaries and reach the most enjoyable yet competitive Minecraft experience.

Tapple is a free-to-play server. However, you must legally own a Minecraft account for PC/Mac (a.k.a Minecraft Java Edition). Other forms of Minecraft, such as Windows 10 or Bedrock Edition will not allow you to connect to the server.

If you do not have one already, you can purchase and download Minecraft from the official Minecraft website.

Once Minecraft is installed, follow these steps.

1) While any modern version allows you to connect to Tapple, the most optimized version is 1.8.x. To learn how to switch versions, click here.

2) Once Minecraft is open, navigate to the ‘Multiplayer’ menu.


3) Click the ‘Add Server’ button towards the bottom of the screen.


4) On this screen, there are multiple fields.

Server Name - This does not matter to connect to the server but can serve as a name to identify the server as in the server list.

Server Address - This is the IP to connect to the server. Use to join. An alternate IP you can use is Make sure that there are no errors or invisible spaces. 

Server Resource Pack - Tapple has a server resource pack that adds more custom block textures to enhance your experience. Make sure this is on “Enabled” or “Prompt” if you want to use it. For some, texture packs may be an intensive process for your computer, and overall the texture pack is not required to play the server. If this is the case, you can set it to “Disabled”.

Once you have filled in everything, press ‘Done’.


5) Now that the server is on your server list, double click or select and press ‘Join Server’ to join!

{insert screenshot taken in future}

That's it! Navigate through the server and you will be able to find many fun minigames and gamemodes across the server. You can do many other things, like connecting with the community, making friends, and aiming to reach for the top of the leaderboards. There is also a server tutorial you can find in the main lobby. If you would like to learn everything that you can do on the server and get involved, click here.

Here is a video tutorial on how to connect to Tapple:

Coming Soon

If you still have connection issues, click here for help.

Still lost? Create a ticket here.